Unsatisfied With Your Current Strata Managers

Are You Thinking To Switch?

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your current strata company’s performance, it might be the opportune moment to consider a change. While the prospect of switching strata managers may initially seem daunting, the process can be significantly streamlined with the right guidance.

At Iconic Property Care, we specialize in facilitating seamless transitions when it comes to changing strata managers. We understand the complexities involved and are dedicated to making the shift as effortless as possible for you. Our expert team ensures that every step is meticulously carried out in the appropriate sequence, adhering to all necessary requirements to guarantee compliance and prevent any costly oversights.

With our support, you can confidently navigate through the process, secure in the knowledge that your property management needs are in capable and reliable hands. Whether you’re seeking more efficient services, better communication, or enhanced overall management, Iconic Property Care is here to assist you in achieving your strata management goals with ease and precision.

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So, Here Is How To Go About Changing Strata Managers

Shortlisting of Strata Management Firms

Before making any decisions about switching your current strata manager, it's important to ensure that you have a superior replacement ready. Begin by creating a shortlist of strata management companies to obtain quotes from, and then choose the most suitable candidate.

Obtaining Essential Details and Documents

Retrieve a copy of the management agreement from your current manager to establish the expiration date and necessary termination period.

Notifying Owners for EGM and Obtaining Strata Roll

Subsequently, acquire the Strata Roll from your manager and reach out to each owner to inform them of an upcoming EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting).

Key Agenda Items for EGM Notification

Distribute a meeting Agenda to all owners, including the EGM's date, time, and venue (ensuring a minimum of 14 days' notice), a motion to approve the Minutes of the prior meeting, and a motion to discuss the termination of the current management agreement and the appointment of the new strata manager.

Convenient EGM Venue and Manager Notification

The EGM may be conducted at the strata complex for added convenience, and there is no requirement to formally notify or extend an invitation to the outgoing manager.

Approval Process for Motion at the Meeting

At the meeting, the approval of the motion requires a majority vote from owners, either through their physical presence or via proxy votes.

Smooth Transition to New Strata Manager

After the successful vote and documentation of the Minutes, your new strata manager can proceed with the remaining steps. This includes notifying the previous manager of their termination and coordinating the retrieval of records from their office once the appropriate notice period has elapsed.